Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself! Our Gift to You

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our health – in more ways than one.

Like many of us, as financial advisors you too have little choice but to work from home during these difficult times. No doubt you can’t help worrying about your clients, their portfolios, as well as your own family’s health and income. That adds up to a lot of stress.

With the markets as volatile as they’ve been and working with anxious clients, not to mention the added strain of social distancing – it’s important to remember to take care of your own – not just physical but mental – health.

We’d like to urge you to do something for yourself. Rather than fret, look at this as an opportunity to read a book, to reach out (virtually) to old friends, learn something new or make plans for ways to improve your practice.

Why not take a course you never had time for before? It could be one to brush up on your technical skills or one that racks up your CE credits – there are lots of courses out there. But it could also be one that will help you grow your practice when recovery starts poking through the clouds.

We’ve blogged for some time about the importance of women as your greatest source of future clients – they have assets like never before and they are looking for advisors who understand them. Finding an advisor they can relate to, who they can trust will be more important than ever after all this.

Learning how to better relate to women will add a whole new dimension to your practice!

Our Gift to you

Because you are our valued clients and we care about your health -- we’d like to help you by making our course, 4 Steps to Succeeding With Female Clients free to you until April 30, 2020.

To sign up for the Free course

Click on 4 Steps to Succeeding With Female Clients Where you see “Enroll in Course for $199” click on it (don’t worry you won’t be charged) – it will take you to a page that says “Order Summary” and below that you will see “Add Coupon” – enter the coupon Code LEARN and the course is yours for free.

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