Do You Show Your Female Clients You Value Them?

IWD is the day to show your appreciation

While all around you the world is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD), what are you doing? By ignoring the day altogether, you send a signal that, at best you’re too busy to bother or at worst you don’t care.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an excellent day to show your female clients that you do care -- that you recognize their special contribution to society and their family, and you value them as clients.

Why is that important?

Day in day out, women tell us that the financial community, including their advisor, don’t serve them well. Many women feel belittled, condescended to, ignored or disrespected. But things are changing, if at a glacial pace, and there are more great advisors, both male and female, who understand women and can “speak their language.” These are the ones who will continue to win with women…and men.

Here’s what you could do

Use this IWD as a day of honest reflection – what do you do to connect with women, what could you be doing to make women feel more comfortable, to show them that you genuinely want to help them reach their goals, whatever their goals are.

Here are just a few things to consider…for March 8 and all year round:

For starters, acknowledge the day by sending your female clients a personal note/email – use your knowledge of them as an individual (apart from their portfolio) to make the note as personal as possible. And, if you know less than you should, put getting to know her on your “must-do” list this year.

Develop events for women and invite them to ask questions and share ideas about finances – no sales pitch at these events, just get to know these women as much as you can.

Create a video for your website acknowledging the importance of women, why they make great clients, why you like serving them.

Create an IWD scholarship given to a local deserving girl to go to college/university – it doesn’t have to be a huge amount but it shows that you care about supporting women all year not just on this one day.

If you want to learn more about how to make women feel special and to consistently attract and retain their business, visit us at, read our book INVEST(in)HER and take one of our courses.

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