Do You Model Leadership To Empower Your Audience?

Customer care is in our circle no matter where we are or what we do. How you model leadership to empower your audience becomes your success differentiator.  But in the beginning phase, it is necessary to monitor how others proceed, whether in our industry or another. Observations reveal much as they can be the accelerator for sales success. 

An individual’s demeanor or the service a company provides can be very telling. Accordingly, one of the better strategies, especially for newbies, is to observe customer care that others offer to improve our sales success.

Early in my career, I would pay strict attention to people attempting to help or aggressively sell to me in a store. Some acted annoyed that I had a question, and others cheerfully greeted me and stated they were there to answer any question. The bonus was encountering a rare person who authentically added value upon realizing my interests. One example was their volunteering that complementary items were on sale should I be interested. They then would offer to show me the display.

Being the Customer

I always dealt with the people striving to be of service. The first time someone mentioned complimentary items on sale, I realized corporate sales would benefit by providing value-added products and services. Moreover, the professional friendliness of a select few influenced my approach to prospects and clients moving forward.

Sales Lessons Learned:

  • Genuinely attempt to build a relationship with those you meet.
  • Directly answer each question.
  • Admit you do not have an answer but will gather the information by the necessary date and deliver accordingly.
  • Compare and contrast what is available on the market and distinguish how you serve your clientele.
  • Include your value add; generally, center it around customer care.

In the corporate arena, we have more opportunities to conduct in-depth conversations. Learning about the prospect’s previous experiences, concerns, and what they hope to accomplish moving forward becomes the underlying opportunity. 

Successful corporations and entrepreneurs realize what is missing from everyday offerings, create the missing link, and then apply the latest technology to improve the customer experience. 

Entrepreneurship Entails Going It Alone

Being a solo entrepreneur has its benefits and minuses that can quickly inspire the thought of quitting. More importantly, while we may know much about our industry, branding and gaining media coverage is challenging for many. 

The worst part is being by oneself and fearing the admission that we do not know how to do something. Compounding the problem is hearing about ideas frequently being stolen by others, causing one to close their doors soon. But what if we were to find a trustworthy enterprise dedicated to increasing networking and media attention-grabbing opportunities?

WGSN-DB Business Showcase Show

Model Leadership to Empower Your Audience

When drama hits our realm, we tend to believe no one else experiences the same or similar, but that’s the fiction we hold in our minds. Stepping up to take the leadership reigns entails proving to yourself and others that you have grit and can do what it takes to succeed. 

Once you embrace the determination to fulfill your vision for success, it becomes time to network with those who think similarly.  Even better is to network, collaborate, and promote group members so that everyone sees their opportunity for success, embraces it, and achieves it. The bonus is testing varying media types that work best for you and networking with those who find similar outcomes.

Upon getting into a routine for the type of businesses and people you prefer networking, the odds of increasing attention to your endeavors and the opportunity to interview increase substantially. Your job is to embrace opportunity as soon as it presents itself!

Networks and Media Channels

Examples of the incredible new platform include:

1. Business Lunch HourShowcasing business leaders around the world!

2. The Going Solo Network: Internet Radio & TV

It features incredible men and women business leaders worldwide sharing their personal journeys, expertise, tips, and resources to inspire listeners of WGSN-DB Going Solo Network, the Singles’ Internet Talk Radio/TV Station.

3. TV Networks, Radio (Talk and music), Podcasts, Community, Empowerment, and encouraging its audience to Go BOLD!

It is now within our reach to market our business, gain credible media attention, and meet those with similar goals more efficiently. The question repeats: Will you model leadership to empower your audience?

In Conclusion: Model Leadership to Empower Your Audience

Allow creativity to flow within regardless of what naysayers believe. Set yourself apart to develop your unique brand and convert it into your branding program to create awareness of your work. And accept legitimate media opportunities whenever they arise. You model leadership for others to follow.

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