Do You Demonstrate the Favorable Business Leadership Traits?

Upon beginning my entrepreneurship, I quickly learned from another the significance of developing one’s personal brand to stand out from the crowd on a positive footing. How we communicate our unique brand is the first step toward developing recognition via a branding program that will ultimately drive sales. It connects us with our audience, who will identify with us to make or break our quest for success. The day’s news suggests that few know the meaning of honesty and integrity, prompting today’s blog question, Do You Demonstrate Favorable Business Leadership Traits?

In the traditional business setting, encouragement frequently comes our way to behave and perform like everyone else to fit in and appear to be a team member. Upon starting a career, people are timid to stand up and question what does not sound right or may not fit their personality well. It can be nerve-wracking to balance the idea of a new job versus expressing concerns about what management has to say.

The question arises, is the act of merely fitting in to not get fired the type of team member we each want to be? Unfortunately, most do not speak up as the necessity of income is the top priority for them and their families, and that’s understandable. A more profound question is about the executives and managers who follow questionable practices relating to inequality and the lack of fairness. The theme of laziness prevails in corporate via the underlying question, if no one questions our process, why bother fixing it? Everything is good as is.

The Problem

Often, management overlooks the truth. The real question is, will be adjusting the systems in place help improve employee retention and the bottom line?

A Major Contribution to The Solution

Consistency in every effort on each level is a must for building a reputable brand. Whether an employee, in a managerial capacity, or an entrepreneur, it is essential that we establish boundaries for what we will and will not tolerate without exception. Our values, principles, and actions predict our outcomes.

Consider the Old School vs. Newer Communication Styles

  • Make demands without exception
  • Apply rules without thought of employees or clientele
  • Remaining stuck in the old way of conducting business vs. applying new technology and thought

The better approach to building a standout brand is to embrace being different. Two articles previously published in the online magazine, provide insights for your consideration.

Sell Well

Gaining comfort with who we are and embracing our differentiators will set a new standard for us and those we meet—not caving into suggestions that don’t meet your priorities will place you on a higher pedestal for integrity. The essential piece is that prospective clients witness our differentiators, develop admiration for our work, and sales begin to occur automatically, in addition to surprise opportunities.

Favorable Business Leadership Traits

During your next moment of solitude, reflecting on previous communications with those in your personal circle and at work will be good. It may be time to admit if you are one to good-naturedly agree to whatever the topic of the moment may be versus asking questions that can challenge the situation. At the heart of the matter is the question, are you disappointed with fewer accomplishments than you expect at this point? If your answer is yes, then today is the time to change habits and approach speaking up when the time is right.

Reflect on the annoyances and possible anger you endured at work to consider if there is a common factor involved. Think about how you may diplomatically raise questions without antagonism to begin a better dialogue.

One sales strategy is to include the benefit of doing something the way you suggest as you present your challenging question. Doing so often stops people in their tracks to have them reconsider their methods. On the other hand, those who scoff upon hearing your input are telling you that it may be time to seek employment elsewhere or begin your entrepreneurship.

Integrity with consistency is the most favorable business leadership trait of all. A desirable clientele will seek it out above all else. Reflection and meditation about all the conversations and transactions in your world regularly is a habit and a strategy that may empower your efforts for the long term.

In Conclusion: Demonstrate the Favorable Business Leadership Traits

Clients seek to work with those who demonstrate consistent integrity, and they will applaud your effort as you exhibit favorable business leadership traits. Strive for what you believe is right and challenge anything different to be seen as a leader in your field.

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