Create a “Guided Responses” Cheat Sheet To Improve Client Service and Empower Your Team

Every advisor has overheard a team member on the phone and thought “Oh man, that is NOT how I would have said that!” And, even with coaching and discussion, it’s hard for your team to remember those exact words or phrases the next time something pops up. Enter The Guided Response Document. Consider this the ultimate customer service cheat sheet.

In this episode, Libby explains how a Guided Response Document can help you craft clear, effective responses to put clients at ease and answer their questions. This not only enhances your customer experience, but also creates consistency and saves you and your staff oodles of time and stress. We'll be giving you an example of what your very own Excel sheet might look like, such as keyword topics, potential responses, and notes.

Libby details additional benefits of a Guided Response Document, including:

  • Giving your team the language you want them to use
  • Empowering your team with the right responses when receiving pushback
  • Creating a consistent brand voice
  • Serving as a training tool for new hires
  • Streamlining back office processes
  • After walking through this master document with Libby, you will undoubtedly be able to handle any client interaction with eloquence and precision!

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