Content Creation Is the Single Most Effective Way To Grow Your Business

Most financial advisors think content marketing is only about posting boring blog posts that nobody cares about. But the content you create as a financial advisor will be the difference between having a pipeline full of hungry prospects or your business fizzling out.  Why? Because content marketing goes way past writing blog posts.

Everything you create is content, and the more high-quality content you create, the more your business will grow.  But here’s the problem…  Creating contagious content that drives appointments and sales is hard. That’s why I invited Ermos Erotocritou, one of the world’s best financial advisors at creating content for today’s episode. 

In this episode, Ermos reveals how to create better content, the biggest mistakes financial advisors make with their content, and why content creation is the single most effective way to grow your business.  Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The weird way the market tanking can actually help you land 20% more clients than you normally do (1:45) 
  • Why creating even the best content falls on deaf ears when you don’t ask yourself these 2 questions before creating it (6:28) 
  • The “facts tell, stories sell” trick that turns your content into an unpaid sales intern for your financial advising business (7:20) 
  • The “trust before transaction” secret for booking more calls and landing more clients (without talking about finances at all) (13:30) 
  • Why it’s almost statistically impossible to make cold calling work (and what to do instead of you want to land more clients) (16:09) 
  • The “House Edge Voicemail Method” inspired by casinos that boosts your results from cold calling (18:32) 
  • Why studying the stock markets, growing your knowledge, and figuring out one secret financial concept will never grow your business as much as this… (21:37) 
  • How switching from an “ROI mindset” to a “COI mindset” unlocks a surge of new, hungry, and qualified clients (24:52) 

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