Better Experiences Win More Referrals

On a recent trip to Nashville, Kim and I had the opportunity to stop by Husk for dinner. Husk is nestled inside a home that was constructed between 1879 and 1882 by Dr. John Bunyan Stephens. The area was settled by the Rutledge and Middleton families of Charleston who were descendants of two of the original South Carolina signers of the Declaration of Independence. Inside this storied home, Husk is serving up nearly perfect dining experiences.

The food itself is created with great precision, but it was the thoughtfulness of the servers bringing drinks to the dining room that caught my attention. There were sniffs and pours and drinks held up to the light in such a way that I couldn’t help but notice and appreciate the servers’ care for their guests. Every tiny piece of the experience was watched over, safeguarded, and elevated.

It made me think of you. I wonder how each step of the process feels to your prospects and clients .

Is your team methodically reviewing not just the product but also the presentation to your clients?

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Here are just a few places where presentation really matters for advisors:

  • Your website. This is the very first place someone is going to read about who you are and what you do. Does your website copy describe what you do in a way that you would describe it in-person? Do the visuals on your site reflect your culture? Do the interactions reveal how your interactions work in real life?
  • Your collateral. Are your documents in line with your website? Do your brochures feature people who look and feel like your ideal clients? Are all of your documents using consistent brand rules?
  • Your onboarding process. Is your process for new clients down to a science? Does each interaction reflect the level of care you want it to? Sit down with your team and talk about it. They know where the pain points are (probably around sharing documents and getting all the paperwork in order).
  • Your online portal. Are your clients slow to adopt your online portal? Maybe it’s time to give them access to a complete view of their net worth that they can easily view on their desktop or mobile app.
  • Your overall client experience. Are your new clients informed about the process? Do they understand what to expect and when? Be sure to set their expectations and then over-deliver.
  • When your client has a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish, you give them something to talk about with their friends and family. If you’re in Nashville soon, I hope you stop by Husk and grab a seat at the bar to watch the thoughtful women and men serve their guests an experience worth sharing.