Authentic Marketing That Gets Results for Financial Advisors

In the dynamic world of marketing, one thing prevails: Advisors need a compelling story to connect with their audience.

In this episode, Adri brings Niki Clark, the owner and president of Niki Clark Marketing, onto the show to discuss the critical role of marketing for financial advisors, centered around crafting a message that deeply resonates and forges emotional connections with clients. Niki shares her journey in the marketing landscape, overcoming obstacles with a focus on perseverance, mentorship, mindset, and gratitude. She also highlights the significance of finding your niche and maintaining an online presence.

Niki discusses: 

  • The importance of mindset and gratitude and the role it played in her journey to starting Niki Clark Marketing
  • Why marketing is a growing big deal for financial advisors
  • Why telling your story and not only finding but connecting with your niche audience plays such a huge role in marketing for advisors
  • The importance of establishing an online presence and finding the right social media platforms for your niche
  • Why consistency is just as important in marketing as it is in making investments
  • And more

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