Are You Ready To Improve Next Week’s Results?

Reminding yourself of your utmost desire for achievement is an ongoing practice. First, know that it will be a rare person who experiences only the good during an entire week. As the week winds down, reviewing all the good and the less-than-desirable circumstances you experienced is an excellent practice. Consider how you may improve next week’s results as hectic activity slows down.

The ongoing negative chatter throughout the years directed me to where to turn my attention next. Sometimes, the greater the negativity I perceived, the greater the possibility for my latest idea. Why? My unusual thought enables me to stand out from a crowded playing field. Accordingly, it allows for building a brand that no one can or will copy.

Practices for Weekly Improvement

1. Mental Review

I begin with a mental review of the worst moments of the week to realize where revision may be necessary. The moments that stop us in our tracks point us to a better path. I reconsider all possibilities to realize a more direct route to accomplish what appeals to me. And then, I compare the thought to what most other people are doing to recognize a better way for me to achieve my goals.

2. Swap An Idea

Sometimes I admit to abandoning an idea because I cannot remedy what isn’t working. However, I do seek out similar alternatives should I still find the idea appealing.

3. Read and watch for Insights and Inspiration.

Information comes in many forms; our job is to pay attention and weed out what we find most appealing to give it a test run.

4. Conversations Can Lead to Intention

Upon hearing upsetting commentary, I review my work to see how to improve a situation and ensure I don’t do the same. When considering an appealing idea, I will decide how to utilize and apply the underlying theme to conducting business.

5. Review Online Messaging

Reading the insights of people whom I admire contributes to my knowledge base. Additionally, when I see intriguing commentary on their posts, I research the profiles of those people to find new connections that may be a good match.

6. Create A Hub of Support

Someone was tagging me daily, which I initially found annoying. But then others slowly but surely suggested I do the same for them upon posting. It was time to test the method; I did and proved my ‘annoyance theory’ completely incorrect! Last but far from least, moving across one line took me a long time.

An essential step to add to the hub of support is reciprocity. No matter which site you are on, attempt to return the favor by liking or reposting a message of the people who support you. It’s almost as if a magic wand is waving over the hub as visibility grows and never stops expanding.

Your Story: Ready to Improve Next Week’s Results

Sometimes life gets in the way of bringing us into a downward spiral. However, it is our sole responsibility to snap out of it, give ourselves a pep talk, and reignite our excitement about our future success. The goal is to become unstoppable mentally and then take appropriate action.

Goal setting and revision are ongoing strategies for career and business advancements. Occasionally, you may realize you desire more than what you tell others. It’s best to keep the idea secret and close to your heart until you build the foundation to make it happen. When others notice something different comes the time to reveal the project, you have in mind selectively. Trusted peers can help you with additional ideas for a robust approach.

As comfort sets in with your idea, actions, and intent, comes the time to begin sharing with those you know and then the public. Upon acceptance, consider a marketing plan and how you plan to communicate your work across multiple platforms using varying technology. The ongoing branding with marketing and sales in mind will get you to the levels you desire. But there is always something to improve or add in the following weeks, making it necessary to review this week’s results versus those you want for next week.

Ready to Improve Next Week’s Results

Planning to improve next week’s results may have us feeling that we are all alone. However, we are never 100% isolated as we prioritize and refine our methods for moving forward. Initially, support may be lacking, but as your success numbers increase, so will your support hub. Knowing what we want and how we desire to achieve it is the essence of goal setting and achieving more than we initially believe possible.

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