Advisors: How To Cure Burnout


Last week, I hosted our Elite Bravo Mastermind and one of the participants asked how do you play the game at a high level for many years and still be enthusiastic about it. 

So for today, I will be breaking down different strategies on how to make sure that you don't burn out and get some balance between your business and personal life. I will also talk about how to integrate strategic, tactical, and renewal time into your calendar.

In this episode, I also discussed:

  • 07:42 One of the secrets to really growing your business
  • 12:49 What does burnout look like in our game?
  • 17:01 The number one reason why advisors don’t take enough downtime
  • 20:18 What is a strategic calendar?
  • 23:04 How much time should you spend on “strategic time”?

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