A Proven Way To Make a Successful Career Change


Ever wonder how to change careers?

Meet Tracey.

She was at her new job in her new career for a short while when she and I connected on this. She couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

Before I turn you loose on the valuable, DOZENS of lessons she shares, let me set the table for you on her challenges…

She’s in the early stages of her professional life and lives in New York in the US.

She had umpteen challenges while trying to change not only jobs, but careers.

Here are just a few of her issues, for editorial purposes, I think will hit home:

Big career change: She was a performance artist and fitness trainer and wanted to support an ESG organization in an analytical capacity.

No experience in the new career: She had virtually no hands-on experience related to these types of organizations or working in the kinds of roles she was interested in pursuing.

“Wrong” education: While educated, her studies didn’t align to the change she wanted to make, so she needed to quickly supplement her resume with certifications and courses.

Narrative issues: During her networking, many people told her, “I don’t get your background. I’m not sure how you’ll fit.” So, she needed to get her storytelling in order and “feed the funnel!”

So? What did she do about it?

Listen to today’s podcast as she shares exactly how she planned for and approached it, what she did, and what transpired.

All I can say is, “Tracey, your table is ready.”

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