71% of People Do Not Feel B2B Ads Resonate With Them

It's a pretty scary stat that from this the drum article that

"Analysis from LinkedIn’s B2B Institute of more than 600 B2B ads found that 71% of people did not feel the creative was resonating with them at an emotional level, meaning that most of the creative is not memorable or driving any growth for the brand’s bottom line.

The study showed that most B2B ads used generic formulas such as faceless voice overs, stock footageblock text, they don’t show their logo until the very end, and few have story arcs.

This presents a huge opportunity for B2B and shows that despite all the advancements in ad tech over the past few years, if your creative isn’t resonating with your audience, it’s irrelevant."

Growth is the goal

"While preparing for future economic headwinds is essential and attributing the right value to creativity is key, at the heart of all marketing manoeuvres has to be the goal of business growth. But can this be forgotten or lost in translation?

Marketing academic Mark Ritson thinks so. In ‘The Objective is Growth’ session, Ritson said despite companies being united in their goals for growth, results around how much and how many companies achieve growth are surprisingly slim."

Let's look at the data in terms of a return from digital advertising

Facebook ads give a 1.61% return

Google ads give a 1.91% return

And programmatic gives a 0.35% return

On average digital advertising provides a 98.8% failure rate

If we look at email marketing, Hubspot research (and they make email marketing systems) that email marketing has a 98% failure rate.

Salesforce give cold calling a 99% failure rate.

No wonder that companies are getting a low response from their current marketing.

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