7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact SEO

I recently asked Ed Fowler, my co-presenter on our podcast about how SEO (search engine optimization) will be impacted by AI and this was his response:

  • Generative AI and smart ops will automate many SEO tasks, freeing up SEO specialists to focus on other areas.
  • Personalized search results will become more common, as generative AI can understand individual user preferences and behaviours.
  • Structured data will become more important, as it provides context to search engines and helps them understand the content on a page.
  • The definition of "quality content" will evolve to include creativity, personalization, and relevance to user intent.
  • Long-tail keywords will gain importance, as generative AI becomes better at understanding complex queries.
  • SEO strategies will become more data-driven, as generative AI generates data about user behaviour and search intent.
  • SEO will require increased collaboration between SEOs, content creators, and data scientists


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