5 Tips for Creating Social Media Posts That Get Clients

There are downright shocking statistics about how much debt the average person has… and you’d be mistaken if you think this also doesn’t apply to financial advisors.

It's the height of hypocrisy when you’re teaching others how to manage their money, but can’t manage your own. And yet, I see advisors’ credit cards declining almost every day when they try to buy my Inner Circle Newsletter.

But here’s the silver lining if you’re a financial advisor up to your ears in debt:

It’s never been easier to get more clients from social media. Especially when you implement what I reveal in today’s episode.

Want to turn your social media posts into client-getting machines? Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How simply knowing your audience can triple your webinar attendees almost overnight (6:23) 
  • This weird “Open Rate” trick for email marketing can help you land more clients by trying to get lower open rates (9:11) 
  • The single biggest social media mistake financial advisors make which makes your ideal clients physically nauseous (9:49) 
  • Why disobeying this “law of marketing” on social media magnetizes your ideal clients to your calendar (11:24) 
  • Most financial advisors completely neglect this obvious approach to marketing… Here’s how to avoid making this costly mistake (12:10) 
  • The “Two-Way Street” secret for posting engaging social media posts that actually fill up your calendar (14:32) 
  • How to make LinkedIn help you grow your influence every time you’re at the doctor’s office or waiting in line (16:41)

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