5 Things Financial Advisors Should Know About Content Marketing

It’s exhausting to chase down prospects in LinkedIn messages, hound them with calls and barrage them with cold emails.  You’re constantly getting rejected and have to spend irreplaceable time for every client. 

What if clients reached out to you instead? That’s exactly what content marketing does. While most financial advisors bore their audience with stock market analysis, some magnetize their dream clients on autopilot. In this episode, you’ll find out 5 things you need to know to get the clients you want without spending all day on outreach. 

Ready to transform your business with content marketing? Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • How Steve Jobs can help you attract red-hot prospects (even if they don’t want a financial advisor) (3:46)
  • Why removing most of the information from your content attracts more clients than in-depth analysis. (8:23)
  • The odd way doing snail mail marketing helps you get more clients online (even if your direct mail never gets results) (12:27) Why removing most of the content on your website gets you more clients than publishing every day. (17:24) 

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