5 Productivity Tips To Get Things Done!

We’ve got a lot of demands on us. People want access to us 24/7. Other requests come at us constantly. Not to mention, we have daily activities, plans and hobbies we want to accomplish! These 5 tips are the underlying foundation about how I operate everything in my life to be more productive.

Enjoy this video on my 5 Productivity Tips to Get Things Done!

  • 00:00 Welcome
  • 01:39 My 5Fs, the protocols
  • 05:28 Technique to managing requests and demands
  • 16:23 Willpower and how to build it
  • 24:24 The infinite operating loops
  • 31:53 Cue the environment
  • 38:10 Frequency wins
  • 45:36 Bonus tips
  • 47:20 Recap

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