5 Marketing Mistakes Experienced Financial Advisors Make

Even as an experienced advisor with a successful business, I’m willing to bet you’re making at least one of these five marketing mistakes.

Because here’s the thing…

While none of these mistakes are powerful enough to bankrupt your business today, the longer you keep making these mistakes, the more likely bankrupting your business becomes. No matter how long you’ve been in the business or how many clients you currently have.

Best part?

While these mistakes can bubble underneath the surface, they’re also easy to fix.

In today’s show, I reveal the 5 most common mistakes experienced financial advisors make, so you can avoid them.

Not only does this alleviate your worries, but it can also grow your business.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How seeking comfort in your financial advice business will slowly, but surely, bankrupt your business (2:06)
  • Why seasoned financial advisors feel the “sting” of this marketing mistake more than brand new ones (3:13) 
  • The “new client” trap successful financial advisors fall into which jacks up their churn rate to record highs (7:01) 
  • How to increase your bottom line without adding any new clients (or even offering new services to existing ones) (8:08) 
  • Why outsourcing your website or email copy can make your dream clients run away from you (12:29) 
  • How to “borrow” credibility, trust, and even clients from other professionals (13:49)

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