4 Ways to Project Confidence and Credibility in Virtual Communication

Virtual meetings and presentations are a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and clients all over the world without leaving your office or home. But communicating virtually comes with challenges and pitfalls that can snag even the most seasoned professional speaker. Check out our tips below and our most recent blog to make sure you project confidence and credibility in virtual communication:

1. Use Your Voice to Engage Your Listener: A dynamic speaking voice is even more important for keeping your listener’s attention when you’re not directly in front of them in person. Speak with a clear, confident voice, using breath support from your abdomen to project. Vary your intonation to highlight key points and make your speech more engaging.

2. Position Yourself Right: Position yourself so that you are centered in the frame and visible from just below your shoulders to the top of your head. For the most flattering shot, make sure your camera is not looking up at you from below. You may need to adjust the height of your computer by placing it on top of a large book or two.

3. Take Advantage of Non-Verbal Communication: Non-verbal communication is harder to read through a computer screen. Be sure to use expressive, yet natural facial expressions as you speak, and use gestures to highlight your point. As a listener, use body language to let the speaker know you are following: nod, smile, and give direct gestures such as a thumbs up when appropriate.

4. Watch Your Posture: It is easy to feel overly relaxed when communicating virtually, but remember: people can still see you! Maintain a strong, confident posture throughout any virtual meeting or presentation. Slouching will make you appear sloppy and unprofessional.

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