3 Things That Are Imperative to Avoid Blowing up Your Life

Not long ago I was sitting in a cafe getting some work done when someone I’d met before saw me and sat down. Our paths have crossed a time or two and he knows me as a startup guy who runs an agency. At one point, he’d been in a similar place – running a small business, building out digital products, trying to balance small kids with business, happily married, but over time he’d lost his way. His marriage failing, his business sinking, he didn’t look good. I spent an hour listening to him and hoping to bring him some encouragement. As I left, I couldn’t help but think about the key differences in our lives and how much I don’t want to be where he is.

Here are three things I think are imperative to avoid blowing up our lives:

1. Know who you are .

No one lives out of their true identity all of the time. We make decisions that go against who we are from time to time. Without deliberately reminding yourself of your values and what’s important, it’s easy to take baby steps away from how you want to live. I like to get up early to read and reflect on my core values. It helps me start the day with a clear view of who I am.

2. Surround yourself with people who are truth tellers .

I have a great team of people at work who don’t pull punches when it comes to telling me what’s going on. While my employees and coworkers are increasingly more comfortable being honest with me, they aren’t the only people I’m spending time with. I have deliberately sought out friendships with people who are like-minded and not afraid to press into my life. Accountability is key to staying on the right path.

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3. Experiment with new ideas, but always do the work .

I love hacks and finding new ways to do old things, but ultimately, the true test is to get my work done well. Shortcuts and hacks are only valuable if our ethics stay in place and the outcome is the same (or better) than the tried and true methods.

What about you?

How are you rising up to the challenges of your everyday life?

What are the practices you incorporate to keep you walking down the right road?