3 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show in 2018

Written by: Sarah Kinsella

According to the Statistics Portal , there were 312 trade shows in 2016, garnering $12.8 billion in revenue. These trade shows span across multiple industries and vary in size, showcasing the latest and greatest products and services for the year.

As a brand, you may be considering attending a trade show in 2018 but are not sure if the benefits are going to outweigh the costs. Below, I have outlined three reasons attending trade shows should be your brands’ New Year’s resolution:

Target Audience.

When deciding to attend a trade show, make sure the focus of the show aligns with your brand. For example, if you’re an outdoor brand, Outdoor Retailer would be a good option for you, as most attendees will be looking for outdoor products. If you’re a technology brand, the Consumer Electronics Show is the best show for reaching technology savvy consumers. Trade shows typically have thousands of attendees, most of which are general consumers looking for the most innovative products in that particular industry. As a brand, this means thousands of your target customers are gathering at one venue, making it easier to sell large quantities of your product and create wide exposure for your brand. Plus, trade shows allow for a human connection, giving you an opportunity to garner brand ambassadors and advocates in an authentic way.

Editorial Exposure.

In addition to consumers, hundreds of journalists attend the majority of trade shows. If your brand has a PR team (highly recommended), they are typically able to attain a media list a month prior to the show, highlighting all media attendees and their contact information. Your PR team can then reach out to relevant media attendees to secure in-person meetings during the show. Additionally, while at the show, your PR team can walk the trade show floor and bring additional media to your booth for interviews and product demonstrations. If your brand does not have a PR team, you can still meet with media while at the show, as they are always walking the trade show floor, keeping an eye out for something their readers would be interested in. Most of these interviews result in online and print coverage, expanding your brands exposure outside of the show audience.

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Potential Partnerships.

Trade show floors are filled with brands in a similar industry, whether it be outdoor, beauty, technology, etc. With hundreds of companies in one spot, your brand has the opportunity to network with many like-minded executives in a short period of time. Maybe you’ve been looking for a partner for a new project or looking for strategic alignment with a brand in your space. The trade show floor is a great place to look for those potential partners and talk in person about your vision and a possible collaboration.

Whether you’re a startup or a fortune 500 company, trade shows can be an essential component to the growth of your business. When deciding whether to attend, consider the above and ensure you choose a show that aligns with your industry and business goals.