21 Salary Negotiation Tips


Salary negotiation is tough stuff.

Let’s keep this simple for a change.

Today’s lesson…21 tips!

I covered the kitchen sink, which in case you didn’t know has everything from…

How to fill in salary expectation in the ATS (AKA The Applicant Trashing System) to how to answer a recruiter who keeps pushing for your salary expectation.

I rolled on with how to approach the situation when you currently earn more than the advertised range to getting offered a low number.

Of course, I wasn’t even warmed up by then.

So, naturally, of course, I hit what to do when you’re coming off a layoff to vacations to contracts to “non-negotiable” stuff.

Since I’m an Ironman kinda guy, I just kept going and going.

You get the idea.


And, like I like to say, “Please think of me with every automatic deposit of your paycheck.”

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