21 Follow-up Triggers to Re-Engage LinkedIn Prospects (Without Being Annoying)

You got the connection. Sweet.

Now what?

Keep the conversation going!

It takes a minimum of 8 - 12 touchpoints before securing a meeting.

Complex product? Try 18 touchpoints.

You can’t afford to go silent after connecting with a LinkedIn prospect.

The money is in the follow-up.

If you pay attention to your prospects, you’ll find lots of triggers that make following up seem natural.

Here are 21 follow-up triggers you can use today:


1. Hiring Salespeople: Indicates growth and potential needs for new solutions.

2. New Executive Hires: Signals possible changes in strategy and openness to new ideas.

3. Funding Rounds: Fresh capital often means expansion plans and increased budgets.

4. New Product Launches: Shows a company is actively developing and promoting new offerings.

5. Mergers or Acquisitions: Indicates major changes and potential new company needs.

6. Anniversary Milestones: Celebrating a milestone can be a conversation starter.


7. Regulatory Changes: New regulations may create the need for compliance solutions.

8. Market Trends: Market shifts affecting their industry can create new opportunities or challenges.

9. Competitor Moves: Actions that might pressure them to adapt or innovate.


10. Job Promotions: A recent promotion can open doors to higher-level discussions.

11. Role Changes: A role change may have fresh perspectives or needs.

12. Thought Leadership Content: Engage with their content and start conversations around it.

13. Thought Leadership Comments: If they leave a valuable comment on someone’s post, engage with that comment, then start a conversation.


14. Industry Conferences: Participation or sponsorship in events indicates active engagement and openness to networking.

15. Webinar Attendance: Joining webinars or online events can start a good follow-up convo.


16. New Software Implementation: Indicates openness to new technologies and complementary solutions.

17. Tech Stack Changes: Changes in their technology stack may create opportunities.

18. Existing Tech Stack: Start conversations around existing technologies that they use.


19. Frequent Website Visits: Multiple visits to key pages on your website.

20. LinkedIn Engagement: Visits to your company's LinkedIn page, colleagues’ profiles, and engagement with your/company’s content.

21. Email Click-Throughs: Clicking links in your emails, especially those leading to product pages or resources.

➸ Now you have 21 follow-up ideas and 0 excuses.

The more personalized you can make it, the better, and the more channels you use, the more likely you’ll get a reply.

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