13 Copywriting Tips to Remember

1. Talk about one thing . The tighter the focus, the better.

2. Speak to just one person . Copy should be a one-on-one conversation.

3. Force your reader to “ pick a side .” Don’t allow him to sit comfortably on the fence.

4. Whenever possible, write to people who are already at least half- convinced .

5. In most cases, you can get away with infuriating 95% of your list/audience in an effort to win over the 5% who are your best buyers and referrers. Court the kingmakers in your list.

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6. Trust is EVERYTHING.

7. Clarity is everything, too. The clarity of your message and offer. And the clarity you create for your readers by explaining the reality of their problem and the available solution.

8. Sequences beat single-shots.

9. Better products make for better copy

10. Make your copy empowering , not condemning or depressing. If the reader can get some benefit just from reading the marketing message, you’ve made “the sale before the sale.”

11. That being said, psychologically, the fear of loss is twice as strong as the desire for gain.

12. Curiosity is the strongest human incentive, says Claude Hopkins. Leverage it.

13. If you use curiosity to grab attention and get clicks, do yourself a favor: pay off that curiosity . “Bait & Switch,” clickbait copywriting tends to burn out their audiences quicker than straight-shooters.