10 Things I’ve Learnt From Getting 30,000 Followers on LinkedIn

1. Focus – get in a swim lane and stay there, your audience must know what you stand for

2. Be clear what you want to be famous for, what your expertise is and what’s your digital identity?

3. You know if it’s going to be boring, don’t post it and stay away from posting brochures

4. Experiment, nobody is bothered if the technology doesn’t work, people like the fact you tried

5. Your network is building a relationship with you, so let them get to the know the REAL you

6. Don’t worry about the grammer* police or the Facebook police, there are two people in this world, people who build things and people who knock them down

7. You need to have a wide variety of content types, don’t let people tell you this is difficult, it’s not, content is all around us

8. Don’t let people tell you that social selling takes a long time. As one of our clients CMOs said, “this is a ridiculously fast way to be connected to target audiences”

9. Be yourself, don’t try and be a person you think I want you to be

10. Nobody, yes nobody, is interested in your company or what it does, my relationship is with you, who you are and how you are going to help me

*This spilling :) mistake was on purpose

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