Drive Revenue by Adding a Retirement Plan Offering to Your Business


Pooled Employer Plans – also known as PEPs – are predicted to capture as much as 50% of the small plan 401k market ($100M AUM and below) in the next 5 years. They present an unparalleled opportunity to grow. 


WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Stimulate Organic Growth, Drive Revenue & Generate Leads by Adding a Retirement Plan Partnership to Your Business

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Aren't we all looking for ways to expand our business organically, build deeper relationships with our clients, and generate more revenue? Advisorpedia is partnering with NS Capital to bring you an exclusive opportunity to learn how NS Capital’s Pooled Employer 401(k) Plan Partnership through their Unity 401(k) can easily be “bolted on” to your existing lines of business with little or no work and at zero cost to you.

Join the NS Capital leadership team for a 30-minute presentation with Q&A about our Pooled Employer 401(k) Plan Partnership and how adding a retirement plan offering to your practice can help you.

- Build stronger client relationships
- Generate additional leads for your traditional wealth management business
- Diversify your revenue stream

About NS Capital

Focused and experienced RIA fiduciary consultant

No third-party affiliations that could influence our independence & objectivity

  • Creator of the Unity 401(k) Pooled Employer Plan
  • Currently 27 individual plans with ~$150 AUM
  • The Unity 401(k) is positioned for scalability to improve pricing and quality over time
  • 100% 401(k) plan retention

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Douglas Heikkinen

Douglas Heikkinen

Founder and Editor


Louis Cameron Day

Louis Cameron Day

Senior Managing Director

NS Capital


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