Your 2020 Game Changing Strategy; New Year, New Paradigm, New Clients

No matter where you are in your business today, you want to make 2020 a stellar year!  You are highly motivated with high hopes and lofty goals.

You are ready to really dig in and generate exponential business growth but you want a strategy that will generate both immediate and lasting growth

You realize business as usual won’t cut it. 

You need a campaign or strategy that will open more doors, capture more interest, inspire more referrals and allow you to quickly generate more growth momentum leading to your stellar year.

  • Referral campaigns? Been there done that and nothing seems to make a big impact.
  • Product campaigns?  Unless you have something, you can really wrap your arms around it feels too salesy and temporary.
  • COI strategies? You already have a list of COIs but few actually give you consistent referrals.
  • Seminar strategy? Seminars are NOT what they used to be.

Let’s be real, the economy, trade wars and interest rate cuts continue to create volatility in the markets, not the best environment for encouraging big change with your clients.

So now what? You have thought about focusing on the women’s market. Talk about the growth of women and wealth is everywhere. Article after article touts the importance of making stronger connections with your female clients to prevent future attrition, but the “how to’s” are lacking.

If exponential business growth is not your priority, staving off the potential of high attrition is motivation enough to make women your 2020 focus.

You know focusing on women would be the smart move, it could generate business today and position you as a leader within the industry going forward reaping long term rewards.

Where do you start? The last thing you want to do is fumble around and possibly turn women off, often creating irreparable damage.

Join me on my upcoming webinar and learn three different styles and strategies to leverage the growth of the women’s market suited to your interest and business focus.

Let’s face it the industry (like a huge oil tanker) takes time to shift and while they are talking a lot about the growth of the women’s market the industry lacks cohesive plans, strategies, training or tools to make it happen. 

When I built a successful business focused on the women’s market I had to create everything myself:

  • My message
  • The look and feel of my business
  • The style of my events
  • A more engaging marketing strategy

I designed my female focused practice based on who women are and what they want. Had I waited for the industry to provide the marketing tools I would need, I’d still be waiting!

Here is how this worked for me and will for you:

  1. More Referrals:  I found the more I engaged women with my commitment and message about women, the more they shared my practice with their friends.
  2. More Prospects: The more I shared my story about why I focused on women the more men became intrigued and more interested in what I do.
  3. More Opportunities: The consistency of my focus on women turned my COI (center of influence) strategy into a powerful joint venture.

With a proven step-by-step process your focus on women can generate the same results, but you don’t have to do the full monte to get results.

Most advisors who recognize the influence women are having on the industry fall into three categories. These are not hard fast categories and often it’s a timing thing but the first step to focusing on the women’s market is to determine; Are you a Dipper, Wader or Diver?

If you are a Dipper, odds are you are not ready to make substantial changes to your practice and process but want to start engaging women better, showing them they are important. Incorporating more nurture emails that speak to women and the issues they face can have a positive impact with the least amount of time and energy. The key is finding the monthly content that speaks women.

If you are a Wader, you like to do things right and take it one step at a time implementing new ideas slowly and consistently getting positive results before moving forward. Waders want a story about “Why they care about women” that opens doors and inspires immediate trust with prospect. They want tools to enhance their process working with clients to create more engagement and interaction. They want to learn how to communicate better, drawing women into the conversation more effectively. Waders want the whole process but want to implement the steps thoughtfully.

Or you may be a Diver (like me) and you get it, want it and are ready to dive right in, all you need is the process, tools and training to do it right. As a male advisor you may decide to carve out a space on your website that speaks to women. A page that allows them to toggle back and forth from your home page to the page designed to speak to women.  You want your message, story and brand to become clear. You want a process that women love, with events and tools to further educate women.

As a woman advisor, you may decide you want your primary focus to be women (knowing you will still attract men with wealth). From your home page, about us page and process page your content speaks to the heart of a woman. Even the look and feel of your website, your office space and your social media sites are designed to be esthetically pleasing to the eye of a woman.

The women’s market is having a massive impact on business growth transforming the future and paradigm in financial services, the question is what are you going to do about it?

Whether you want to make women your primary focus or simply enhance your current client relationships finding the right strategy and style that works for you is critical to your success.

The key is understanding what your choices are, what are the tools and strategy that appeal to you and how to implement the strategy to get the best results in 2020.

Join me on my upcoming webinar and learn three different styles and strategies to leverage the growth of the women’s market suited to your interest and business focus.

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