Why We Need Tough Conversations

Having Tough Conversations

Having tough conversations opens up paths of understanding. But it’s not an easy endeavor.

When we’re in stressful relationships, we face tough disagreements, misunderstandings, or violated boundaries.

Often, a choice is made to pretend that everything is ok and gloss over the hurt. But by not addressing the elephant in the room, everyone’s health is impacted.

Hiding from other people is a trap. Severe health issues are often the result of this kind of pretense.

Healing is possible only when we choose to free ourselves of fear.

Tensions always increase until we choose to have the tough conversation and put the issues on the table. We have the power to show up as who we truly are. And when the peace within us is disturbed, it’s our choice whether we speak up or not.

Facing Ourselves

True freedom lies in having difficult conversations, even though it may be uncomfortable at first. It is scary for so many of us to have honest and open conversations.

But bottled up emotions, guilt and fear impact our overall health and wellbeing. And yes, some of us prefer to pretend that everything is ok when we’re not inside. It’s not easy and yet sometimes, we need to face our fears in order to step into our power.

Avoiding difficult situations and tough conversations costs our energy and life force. And keeps us re-creating the past by not breaking through patterns.

And if people don’t want to listen or get offended, maybe they are not the healthy relationships we need in our lives?

Imagine being around people who don’t want to leave any unspoken words or unfinished business on the table. It’s so possible to be excited about spending time learning and sharing instead of protecting our image or pretending that everything is ok when it’s not.

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