Why the Wisest Financial Advisors Outsource Content Writing

Maybe you are just starting your advisory firm or maybe you are nurturing decades of lucrative growth. Maybe you have five clients. Perhaps you have 50.  But no matter the maturity, size, or net worth of your firm, you will constantly need to be communicating with both current and potential clients to ensure its success. We communicate with our clients through our company’s website, monthly or quarterly newsletters, frequently updated blog articles, and social media posts. Each of these points of contact takes time to create and verbal dexterity to develop well, which is why hiring a professional to create your content is the best course of action for most entrepreneurs.

1. Time and Quality of Work Life

Running a business is more than a full-time job, rife with growing to-do lists and seemingly never enough time. I’d bet that even the best time managers in the world wouldn’t mind having a little extra precious time. Producing original content crafted for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes skill and countless hours to produce. How many entrepreneurs have hours upon hours to take away from their already packed schedules to write?  How many know and have mastered SEO best practices? And how many are actually good at writing? Only if you are (a) a great writer, (b) have a working understanding of SEO best practices, and (c) enjoy doing it should you venture to write your own content. If you dislike the task or are a mediocre writer, trying to churn out your own content will not only burden you, but has the possibility of negatively impacting your business. Putting out an inadequate product deters potential clients and disappoints current ones. Well-crafted content displays your industry expertise and interests the types of clients you desire. But even if you do have decent writing chops and don’t mind the task, your business benefits most when you can focus your time and energy on the tasks that you perform best. Outsourcing your content writing frees you up to tackle the myriad other responsibilities that come with running an advisory firm.

2. Relating to Your Client

Oftentimes, when an expert tries to write his/her own content, it ends up being riddled with industry specific jargon and acronyms that easily dismay the layperson. The professional writer is, essentially, a member of your target audience and can help bridge the gap between your world and your client’s world with high quality, relatable verbiage. You want concise, digestible content that will entice rather than scare off. Using accessible language pulls double duty: it creates trust in the audience while also driving home the message.

3. Optimizing your Firm’s Image

Would you meet clients for the first time in your pajamas? Absolutely not.  You wouldn’t meet clients in your pajamas because you wouldn’t want yourself, and by extension, your company, to appear unprofessional or careless. Your content has the power to attract or repel a client in the same way, if not even more than, your professional appearance. When you hire a professional writer, you are not just buying an amalgamation of randomly strung together words to fill a space, you are buying your company’s public impression. Because there is a plethora of media vying for your clients’ attention at any given second, your content must be able to make the right impression in a very limited space. Expert writers are trained to attract a certain type of clientele, rivet them, and then verbally portray what your firm is all about before the reader’s attention is diverted elsewhere. When you attract and work with the right types of clients, you create a positive work environment where your business can thrive. The logic in hiring a professional writer is the same logic that applies to any professional service: you will likely never do as well as the professional, and you’ll spend a lot of time, energy, and frustration trying to perform that expert’s job to little or no avail. Instead, leave the writing to a writer. Optimize your time and elevate your company by doing what you do best. Ready to outsource the job of writing original content for your website, blog, and social media outlets? Contact us to see if Lexicon Content Development can meet your writing needs. Related: What NOT to Do With Your Advisor Blog