Why the Frontline Leader Should Be More Important Than the CEO

Why the frontline leader should be more important than the CEO.

Results are delivered by your frontline.

Customer loyalty is controlled by your frontline.

Dazzling customer moments are orchestrated by your frontline.

First impressions are delivered by your frontline.

The imperfections in your business processes are masked by your frontline.

Lasting relationships depend on your frontline.

Frontline job satisfaction depends on the frontline leader not the CEO, not the Operations executive and not the EVP of Human Resources.

Therefore the frontline leader in any organization is of the utmost strategic importance and deserves a disproportionate priority by upper management.

Furthermore, these leader positions should demand a careful and rigorous recruitment process that ensures the most skilled and competent people are awarded custodianship of the frontline.

Does your organization:

  • have insanely tough credentials for frontline leader positions?
  • engage frontline employees themselves in team targeted interviews for this position?
  • actively engage frontline people in selecting people to whom they will report in this position?
  • have an incredibly detailed recruitment process for frontline leader roles?
  • recognize this leader as a top notch role that requires support from the rest of the organization?
  • fill these positions with accomplished servers as opposed to technical experts?
  • honour a chosen frontline leader with wide-spread internal communication?
  • include a frontline leader assignment in the career path plan for high potential employees?
  • have ongoing recognition events to honour the best of these leaders?

Successful organizations recognize the frontline leader as their ‘guardians of strategy execution’ and give them the critical attention they deserve.

Do you?

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