What Is Breakaway Leadership and How Can You Achieve It?

Breakaway Leadership dispels the MYTHS out there that a leader must:

  • Have charisma.
  • Have vision to ‘see in the future’.
  • Command and direct people.
  • Act with precision.
  • Delegate, NOT micromanage.
  • Be ‘BIG PICTURE’ minded and not get bogged down in detail.

“Leadership charisma is ‘communications on steroids’ and a classic case of style over substance.”

Breakaway Leaders, on the other hand, practices Audacious Unheard-of Ways focused on:

“Gem #1 that will make you a dauntless leader — STOP! doing stuff.” #Audacious

“Gem #2 that will make you a dauntless leader — STOP! following so many textbooks on leadership.” #Audacious

  • “How can I HELP?” leading not “Do this!” managing.
  • CREATING not copying.
  • Helping FRONTLINERS not following the boss.
  • MICROMANAGING—DIY—not excessive delegation.

Food for thought and, for those leaders who want to step up their game, the necessary ingredients for an amazing and successful career.