What Happens When You See Opportunities?

There is a path that is waiting for you. Only you can take it.

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.“ — Joseph Campbell

This path only makes itself visible when you are ready. It requires you to take your blinders off, and deal with deep seeded issues within you. This path has twists and turns, and new peaks and valleys to scale. It’s not as simple as choosing between this or that and staying mired in belief systems that are not our own.

We are quick to judge everyone around us, including ourselves. We learn to trust and be kind to others, often before knowing what that actually means for ourselves. I had dinner with an amazing young woman last night who shared stories of raising two young men, mostly on her own. Both her and her then partner lost their jobs when the organization they worked for asked them to tell the truth about what was happening in the workplace, and when they did, they both lost the jobs they loved, forever.

They both learned, early on, that it did not pave their way to be the “whistleblowers.” Her entire relationship to work shifted as she no longer defines herself by how she made a living. The shock and the drama they endured ended their marriage, and while many doors closed and they struggled, some new pathways opened.

Jennifer shared that her two sons are very different and one often speaks his mind, and she allows him to be who he is. This remarkable young woman was brought up by a generation who taught her to “ suck it up ” and suppress her truth. But no more, she shares her story openly. She feels a strong responsibility that it’s her job to make sure her children have a different relationship with the world so they can have a meaningful life. And to do so, she is doing her best to help them be their best. When they feel sad, she talks to them about it, and listens. Her eldest is nine and he has an uncanny ability to tell her the truth, and she asks for his advice often. Imagine a world with balanced whole humans! So much is possible.

Shifting is foundational

Being able to see where you are at, and become aware of how you got to wherever you are is key. As you also become conscious of the weaknesses of our current systems instead of complaining about them, you can take physical action to create a healthier path for you and future generations. And you have to be aware of your beliefs and your potential to shift.

Our “look at me” culture is part of the false reality that is impacting your health

When we fight in the current system, dispensing bandaids on old wounds, we remain stuck. You have to be ready to move beyond and create your own potential. You need the vision to breakthrough the delusions of being best, making the list and being awarded recognition by an outside force.

"This is the old, decaying system, of celebrity and nonsense. Who is more fulfilled, the person who was on television for five minutes and needs the next hit to feel important, or the person who no one knows their name who impacted the lives of others? Why do we even have lists of the most generous people and give them awards? Does that not defeat the purpose?"

What Happens When You See Opportunities?

Some days we get so stuck in the hamster wheel, which can easily happen, that we forget that we have choice. There are so many opportunities now, and the key question to ask, is do I allow fear to hold me back ? or do I move into the unknown with curiosity ?

There is no magic button in real life. It takes conscious awareness that involves dedication and persistence to learning. No one is here to save you from yourself. That is your “unpaid” job. And at the same time, you can also become aware of the people who can support you in new ways.

There are many amazing developments and opportunities in our chaotic world that you can see when you start controlling the volume dial on the never-ending noise streaming into our lives. We are seeing the start of conscious businesses, healthier news sources, ways to have more open dialogue, alternative education and leaders focused more on people than profit.

The more we fight the current system, the more we lose. When we get real with the opportunities in front of us and create, the more we will evolve into a healthier existence. It is already happening on the edges.

"What if instead of being the first or the best in a crowded market where everyone craves the spotlight, you dedicated your life to becoming different, becoming a better version of you?"

Are you ready to walk into your power?

You can stay stuck in the old system, and complain about the injustices, or you can step out and create. There are millions of people hanging on to dear life right now, resisting change and simply changing the deck chairs on a sinking ship, expecting different outcomes.

The current systems are rotting right in front of our eyes, and they can only be replaced when people wake up to their power in a healthy way; not wanting to dominate or win at all costs. We have seen how these movies end, every single time.

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Opportunities are everywhere

It scares so many people to step out and grab the choice they truly want to make. What you create without fear loses its hold on you, when you tap into your creativity and imagination. What is restricting you? And why are you holding on?

Challenge what is restricting you by asking yourself, what’s the opportunity here? What choice can I make? Instead of outlining a goal, try exploring without a plan. The field of possibility is where we get to play in this century. It is available to everyone, equally, when we live in awareness, and not fear. The more you choose to interact with the opportunities, the more you will find others who want to play and create with you.

Is this journey easy? It depends. It is easier for some to follow the existing recipes and manuals of life. And if that makes you happy, then more power to you. You are in charge of your own operating system.

But when you choose to also face your darkness, you will push yourself outside of your comfort zone and look at the beliefs that may be limiting you to live in healthier levels of awareness. You will initially walk the tightrope of the broken system, and do not lose hope that the healthier one is waiting for you to emerge. It will be uncomfortable at first but who said that we must have comfortable and safe lives?

When you can see your true potential and recognize that everything is here to be discovered , you will discover a path full of opportunities. Hate and fear will no longer be the status quo both at the individual and collective levels of reality.