What Do YOU Want to Learn?

You may want to believe what they taught you at school, or you may not (if you went to school). The biggest lessons from schools are not in the content they taught but in the structure they taught. The person at the head of the class has the power to pass or fail you, for example. We were also taught the structure of conformity, not unity.

Grades separated us as more and more groups sprung up as we got older, like the popular and not so popular one. We were taught how to compete to succeed. Did you ever bring a grade home that your parents were not happy with? Did they ever teach you to be the best and learn to excel, compared to others, not yourself?

Each of us is on our journey, which is made by choices. We are here to learn our lessons and search for the truth. It is okay to look back and learn, but not get stuck in it. We are here to dig dip into ourselves, bridging the possibilities of aligning our heart and mind. The fusion of our caring, love, compassion and our thinking.

Always practice and play on the path as ...

There is no reason to defend the choices you made in your life. There are yours to make.

There is no reason to fear failure as it brings you to a lesson and where you need to be.

This is the time to clarify and embrace your own purpose in your own way.

You do not need to provide your reasons to anyone. Experiment and have some fun. Fun is as available to us as is suffering, so why not give yourself permission to play?

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All that matters is your fulfillment constructed by your own individual manual that only you can create for you.

There are many unlikely partners (over 7.5B) to play with on this planet, and then there is nature, animals, forests and oceans -- all that you are part of.

Make the best decisions for yourself, with a huge dose of self-love, right now. Don't believe anyone else knows as much as you do. Trust your heart and mind. Ask new and timeless questions to navigate your path.

The truth never lies. See what is happening around you, and respond with compassion and trust first of yourself, and then of others. You don't need to conform to someone else's expectations of who you should be and what you should be doing.

Do not compare yourself to others. Understand what your enough is and take only what you need.

Be bold. Be beautiful as you are, and find the courage to take chances without worrying.

Think and create structures that are win-win, where you lift yourself and each other up. Listen to your intuition and live in fusion of your heart and mind.

Have more conversations with yourself and others. Sit around a fire, have long dinners, and connect deeply not in arguments and debates but in understanding and co-creation.

Be gentle and kind with yourself and others. Listen more than judge. Bring your whole self back together and play with purpose and a whole heart and mind.

You, and our world, will be more fulfilled.