What Advisors Should Know About an Acquisition


Recorded at the Market Counsel Summit. Presented by: 

Advisorpedia interviewed Wealthspire CEO Mike LaMena at the MarketCounsel Summit in December, 2021.

"When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, the environment is definitely hot, unprecedented volume, as well as the magnitude of transaction. So, you know, a lot of interest, a lot of firms exploring options. It's a fertile environment for M&A.

The key advice I would give to advisors contemplating thinking about acquisitions or exploring it, is you have to know your why. You have to go into the exploration, very clear on what you want to achieve, not only economically, but in terms of future state.

You're getting an economic outcome through a transaction, but you're also changing your business model. So the beauty is right now, anything you want to realize in a transaction, there's a solution out there.

If you just want an equity, a capital infusion, you can find somebody. If you want a service provider, or do you truly want to be a part of an integrated model, something like Wealthspire, where it's really one plus one is a heck of a lot more than two. And we're focused on creating value for the client and for the people involved in the transaction."

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