We Already Know How Human History Plays out, It's Time to Find Your Voice

Everyone you know is going through something. Why? Because that is what life is about. The more we can understand and become aware of root causes, the more we will be able to see ourselves, and each other with increased awareness.

Every person not only has the stories that brought them to where they are right now in life, they also have the stories they make up and believe that keep them either trapped or free. What's your story?

The more that we can see it in ourselves, before wanting to fix or blame someone else, the more courage we will have to face the darkness that is hiding within us. Those voices who get in our way of experimenting and reducing our need for irrational fear. No one else can know what is easy or hard for YOU. They may have found the holy grail for them, but they do not know YOU.

In every facet of our society, and why human history repeats itself like clockwork, are people claiming to have the truth and die for it. This is insane. The battle grounds are in every realm of the world--from politics to business. And there are other more humane paths that need to be explored as the cost is getting too high.I, for one, am bored with the repetitive spin cycle. Are you?

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We need to stop having platforms where people talk at us and get back to practices where we each have a voice that is heard.

An opportunity for each of us to assume our role as people who create for the greater good, in our lives and in business. Because until we each find our path and our voice, we will be watching sequels of the same film called human history.

Here is one small example of something we can do by caring for ourselves, each other and the planet. What if you stopped supporting our fast food culture by shifting yourself from being a consumer to a conscious leader of your life? Food for thought ...

And imagine what our business world could be if we each found our bold and beautiful voice, and realized change comes from within.