The Top 10 Health Insurance Trends of 2019

As part of our 2019 Top 10 Trends series in Financial Services, our "Top 10 Trends in Health Insurance 2019" is the first of our three Insurance-related reports released (P&C and Life to be released soon).Rising healthcare costs, increased competition, and operational efficiencies are putting pressure on insurers' profitability. Other factors impacting the health insurance industry are evolving customer expectations , the shift to a value-based model of care, advancements in technology, and regulatory uncertainties.Health insurers are responding to these shifting dynamics by catering to changing customer expectations, shifting to a preventative model of care, and improving operational efficiencies . This year's trends revolve around three themes - "Deep Customer", "Intelligent Insurer", and "Open Insurer". However, the dominant theme of trends focus on "Deep Customer". Below are some quick snapshots of this year's report, but the full Trends books can be downloaded at


1. Changing Market Dynamics with increased consolidation, new entrants, and collaborative partnerships


2. Guided-User Experience to Simplify Healthcare Journey and Improve Treatment Adherence 3. Chatbots and Voice Assistants Improve Customer Engagement and Deliver Continuous Care 4. Mobile As a Channel Delivers Core and Value-Added Services in Existing and Underserved Markets 5. Reporting Tools for Efficient Workforce Health Management 6. Preventive Care and Proactive Wellness Initiatives Using IoT 7. AI and Analytics Enable Predictive Diagnosis and Personalized Care 8. Telemedicine Transforming Provider-Payer-Client Relationship


9. Blockchain As a Potential Records Unification Solution 10. Fraud Detection and Improved Claims Processing Using AIThe full Trends books can be downloaded at