Three Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

Hunting for a new job takes a lot of time and mental energy. You want to find a career that aligns with your skills and goals, but sifting through job openings and finding which ones to apply for can prove to be more difficult than you may have thought. When you do get a call back for an interview, the last thing you want is to ruin your chances by showing up unprepared.

The hard truth is first impressions matter, and even if you've got a list of impressive skills to back your qualifications up, your interviewer will focus on how you respond, behave, and look. No one wants to miss out on landing a job they've spent time and effort applying for. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your chances of landing the job. With these tips, you can walk away from the interview confidently.

1. Give Yourself a Day to Unwind 

It's common to feel edgy or scattered when you're dealing with something new, especially a job interview. Before your meeting takes place, plan a day doing things that help you feel recharged and your best. Whether it be red light therapy for skin to keep you feeling refreshed, or simply winding down with a book and coffee, you'll feel better when you've spent time recharging.

Nerves are a frustrating part of any change, and taking time before your meeting to unwind and de-stress will help you present a calm face. Staying calm will help you speak confidently and respond with more assurance during your interview, which will help you land the job.

2. Tailor Your Outfit to the Company

If you show up to an interview looking disheveled and underdressed, you'll run the risk of a business not taking you seriously. Not every business expects a suit and tie for your meeting, but they may have a business casual dress code.

Avoid any embarrassing clothing choices by researching the company you're applying to. Look at their social media profiles and websites to see how people dress and think about the role you're applying for. A mechanic position won't require the same attire as an accountant. Likewise, some office jobs may not mind a more casual appearance. Do your research and tailor your outfit to the part.

3. Prepare and Sell

Never walk into a company unprepared for what they do. Familiarize yourself with the products and services they sell and think about the role you're applying for. What qualifications can you showcase that let your interviewer know you are a good fit? Much like how a business is expected to know their customers and how to reach them, you need to know your potential employer and how to sell your skills to them.

Practice your typical interview questions and prepare responses you'll want to lead with. You'll look confident and assured if you've spent time rehearsing various answers to questions that could be important. Of course, no matter how much practice you've had, you'll want to make sure you show up to your interview being friendly and relatable. The practice questions and answers will help you have a variety of responses you may want to share, but nothing beats answering honestly and connecting on a real level.

Interviewers want to know you've got the right skills for the job, but they also want to know you're someone worth working with. When you present yourself with a friendly face and someone who is a team player, you'll be selling your skills with favor.

Job hunting isn't an easy task but preparing for an interview doesn't have to be hard. Take time to unwind before the day of your interview, tailor your outfit to the company's standards, and showcase your skills with a friendly personality. Before you know it, you'll have the job landed.

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