The Truth About My Audacious Pithy Ways

I’m done with exhaustive articles that placate Google.

I’m done with tiring narration that goes on and on and on…

I’m done with gargling the so-called “rules” for achieving a high ranking for posts.

I’m done with trying to placate someone’s algorithm that defines a “good” post.

I’ve been doing this since 2009 and I’m DONE!

So…. going forward my blogs will abound with pith.

They will be brief — maybe soundbites only. We’ll see.





They will cut like a knife.

Sometimes bordering on obnoxiousness.

And they might be outrageous.

And they most definitely won’t satisfy the rules of SEO.

With a few jaw-dropping links that will uncover more for those who want to dive deeper in my BE DiFFERENT or be dead world.

I will not spoon feed you my content.

I’m not your Mom.

You will have to explore, dig and work for my simple proven-to-work new ideas that will make you successful.

You will have to WANT to learn what actually works in the real world.

I will whet your appetite to discover more of the stuff that helped me grow a startup to A BILLION IN SALES!

So from here on in I’m giving you pithy.

Pithy Ways to “kill it” in business.

Pithy Ways to build a remarkable career and a great life.

Pithy Ways to actually achieve your journey’s end.

Pithy Ways to help you create a crushing tested brand.

Pithy Ways to earn the trust of the person next to you.

And much more pithy…

So BE PiTHY and join the Audacious PiTHY herd with me.

Stand out.

Be unmatched and unsurpassable—the ONLY One—who does what you do.

Be an achiever, not a rule follower.

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