The Search For The Fountain (or Pill) of Youth

We often hear reference to the Fountain Of Youth. A mythical fountain that if you drank the water, your youth, vitality and health would be restored.

But what if this fountain of youth was actually a pill? Would you take it?

There are certain things we can personally do that could help slow down how quickly our body ages. Exercise, sleep, diet and stress are all major contributors that we personally can control. But now science is stepping in to see if there are pills that we could take that could also result in reversing or slowing our aging process.

In the following video produced by NPR (National Public Radio), experts in this field share what they have learned so far and what the future may hold.

It’s certainly an interesting topic and one that could also be riddled with ethical issues. It will be interesting to see where this goes – and if it will actually come true in our lifetime.

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