The Evolution of the Hybrid Working Environment


Recorded at the FSI OneVoice 2022  Presented by: 

Advisorpedia interviewed Orion's Noreen Beaman at the FSI OneVoice Conference in February, 2022.

"The biggest takeaway for me in the hybrid work environment is we need to figure out balance. Because what we do know is we're getting a lot of productivity because people are on their screens all day. But we need to give them a little bit of time. How do they space themselves away for those creative moments?

So again, this is an evolution and when we think of where we're going, and hopefully not a revolution, but it has we evolved into working together in a hybrid experience, and really still connecting, which is really important. So we think the evolution of this hybrid work environment, the most interesting thing to me is people when we first told them, they had to go home, they didn't want to go home.

Now we say, okay, we'd like you to come back in the office like No, no, this is good for me. I'm okay work in my pajamas. So now how do we evolve this into what's next, where we're seeing how to create joy back into work, how we're bringing that back into the excitement of all that, and what I think the evolution for the financial services industry is that we have a bigger pool of talent, because it doesn't really matter where your work. So I think that's a positive thing. But we still need to get us back in to him.

We're having some meetings being together kind of like where we are today. So one of the things that's most interesting at Orion is hybrid work environment is for me, actually personally, living in North Jersey, working with Brinker in Pennsylvania and working with the Orion team in Omaha. We have places all over the country or so now it doesn't really matter exactly where you are, as long as you can be present, whether it's through a virtual meeting, or once in a while on those hybrid team meetings."

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