Thank You, Wherever You Are in the World

Dear friend and fellow human being,I have had the privilege to live in four countries so far in my life. Although I became a US citizen in 2009, I see myself as a global citizen and I am thankful for being able to experience many cultures and have a unique vantage point to do the work I do in the world. As American Thanksgiving nears this week, I feel a huge sense of gratitude for the freedom that we have and the abundant choices we have.I have much to be thankful for in every aspect in my life. What I want to share with you is the gift that I have been given to do my life's work, which is what I am celebrating this year.Being an entrepreneur is risky but I have learned that being safe is also very risky at times. I have spent the last five months of my life interviewing 21st century leaders for Our Journey to Business Common Sense and weaving their stories. I have been in awe of the generosity and vulnerability that they have shared with us so openly. And most meaningful to me has been their trust in me to tell their stories.I am taking special care in birthing this book as I feel it is a movement for us to see business as a force of good in the world.Business is fairly new and we have the opportunity to shape it and create a more humane environment for all of us and future generations.A big lesson that I have learned is around co-creation with likeminded souls. There is so much that is possible when we come together around a shared purpose. I am thrilled to be sharing real life stories of these 21st century leaders in my keynotes and workshops.It is a dream to be able to help so many people not only find their voice but also build thriving 21st century organizations. We have to re-invent our organizations so they invest more in creating shared value for the planet too.One of my goals for 2016 is to connect with more people around the world so please let me know if you want to have a conversation or if someone in your community would benefit from us connecting. I will tell the stories of what is possible through the book and many keynotes, retreats and workshops around the world and listen and help leaders find the path to the new world of LIFEworking .We are on a mission to make change happen and I am thankful for those who want to join. There is this old technology called the two-way conversation that is making a come back so please reach out if you want to chat.If you are in the US, I wish you a happy and joyous Thanksgiving. If you are in another part of the world, I wish you bliss every day to celebrate this amazing gift we have called life.With deep gratitude and love,Ayelet