Living in the Tension of Today

For many, there is tension between the present reality and future hope. Uncertainty will be a state many have never experienced. We are doubting ourselves and our life direction and losing confidence in our talents and capabilities.

The last few years have shown the fragility of the world. The pandemic may be under control and manageable, but now we have the uncertainty of economics. The world’s economies are stalling, with significant consequences for the global outlook. Inflation is a paramount concern.

Living in the tension between the present reality and our future hope is widening. How you navigate this tension, this bit in the middle between the pressure and future hope, is critical.

Many have lost their joy, peace, and their energy. Health is being challenged. But changing your mindset can restore your hope for the future and your plans.

I believe I have and am navigating this current tension well, and here is why. Some years ago, when I was in a difficult season, I completed a DNA Behavior discovery, and the outcomes revealed hard-wired behaviors from early life. Behaviors and responses were causing blockages to my current ability to transition and navigate out of my difficult season.

Who knew – I had a head-in-the-sand approach to my finances. Who knew how serious and reflective I was, therefore not telling anyone what I was going through and not asking for help? Who knew my response to any word of kindness was likely to be a bit brusque? Who knew I was inherently suspicious of others and questioning rather than trusting?

But when the DNA Behavior discovery revealed these behaviors, suddenly so much of my responses came into sharp view, and I could see not only the areas of my behavior that needed to be understood and managed but, even more importantly, I was able to understand how and why I would respond to certain situations.

Even without fully understanding what to expect, in just 10 minutes of answering questions, behaviors I had no idea were inherent in me had been uncovered. That, together with the realization that  I could now learn to manage them, gave me renewed energy and hope to return to me.

I hadn’t realized how energy sapping lack of behavioral understanding could be or how much ignorance of these behaviors had impacted my health and well-being.

Now with this depth of insight, I can rationalize any tensions. I am better able to budget and plan. I know I need to engage more fully with close, trusted friends. I understand conversations need to be managed so I don’t react inappropriately.

I hope this personal ‘confession’ helps you to realize the importance of understanding your behavior.

Do you have access to a behavioral science officer at work – if not, you should have one.  I do, and that is how I managed to understand how and why I was having challenges navigating my reactions.

So now I’m not fazed by the current global challenges; yes, they may, on some level, impact me. Still, they won’t take away my hope for the future, nor will they affect my health or happiness, because I know how to understand my inherent behavior and, better still, how to manage it.

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