Living An Unapologetic Life​

Living an unapologetic life means sharing our gifts and potential with the world.

When we believe in ourselves, we are present with what is possible. We no longer fear the future, resist change or stay focused on our problems. Our hearts know the world owes us nothing. We step into our power and make our own unique contributions to life right here, right now.

Some of the most challenging work that is calling us now is connecting with people who can handle all of us without needing to change or fix us. We are not broken. 

Imagine being with people who allow us to be who we are and don’t change the subject when we share what is in our heart—from joy to pain and disappointment. People who understand that by openly talking about all of our stuff, we all heal.

But in today’s world, we have been conditioned to mask ourselves and our truth. And as many of us are waking up and seeing under the veil of reality, we want to be real. We don’t want anyone schooling us on how to be human—vulnerable, authentic or transparent. 

Living an unapologetic life means being free from opinions and judgements. 

True Love Weaves Us Together

And being vulnerable, authentic and transparent means understanding that some people leave when things get hard or messy. Perhaps they are simply passing through our life and have their own work to do? What we know for sure is that someone who is hurting is most likely not know how not to carry this energy to everyone around them. But they hold no power over us unless we give it away. 

We want to be with people who are aware that we all have our own issues and stories. And that we get to experience the rough patches with as much as the beautiful ones. That is what living in reality is all about; not just doing our own deep inner work but finding the people who know how to be happy for us and experience sadness with us too.  

This is what true love is all about. There are no conditions or rules to follow that one person sets for another. Not everyone is healthy for us and we are not healthy for everyone. Sometimes we believe we are with our people only to have our heart broken when life gets turbulent. 

And that’s actually ok. When people are not ready to be radically honest, maybe it’s a sign? For some, it takes a lifetime to be honest with ourselves and let go of our own false  stories.

There are eight billion people on the planet, and we are slowly finding each other to create what we need most. By practicing forgiveness and going at our own pace, we begin to understand that we simply keep trying by living an unapologetic life.

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