Letting Go Sets You Free

When was the last time you were in control?

What role does being in control play in your life?

How attached are you to manifesting your intentions?

Many of us have been conditioned to love predictability and fear the unknown. As a result, we have attached ourselves to a way of life that may be unhealthy for our very existence.

What no one truly teaches us that it’s healthy to let go of attachments to outcomes and hopes. When you get up in the morning, for example, and hope you have a “good” day, you are setting a trap for yourself. Why would you need to hope for such a day? What if instead, you simply got up excited and let your curiosity guide your day?

The deeper question is: what is driving your life and who is actually driving?

When you are guided by a fear that your deepest hopes will be shattered or that you need to “manifest” that partner or job or outcome, you are actually giving away your power. Did you come to this planet to manifest or did you come here to be a powerful creator of a healthy life?

We have been taught to always be in control and what is usually attached to this limiting belief is a sense of lack, doubt and a never ending need to control. A lack of love for ourselves can create other limiting beliefs like a deep feeling that we are not good enough. And that is always because some force outside ourselves created an illusionary bar that we have been taught to compare whether we are beautiful enough, smart enough or even have enough stuff. Our current world was constricted to have us always hoping and wanting more and more; and never feeling like we are enough.

When you understand that hoping for something or someone is an attachment to a specific outcome, you can start becoming aware of what story you want to play out in your life. And why you feel disappointment when it doesn’t materialize. Imagine that you start practicing unconditional love, which means you have no room for even the smallest judgment. This does not discount the role of discernment, but you can discern without judgment. That is the key to opening the pathways within you to possibilities and opportunities.

Judgments, shaming and blaming yourself and others weigh you down and keep you stuck. Letting go of judgment sets you free as conflicts and disharmony within yourself and others fall away. You no longer need to attach yourself to the echos of your past when you begin to do your inner work.

Trekking into the unknown means letting go of attachments and the need to be always in control of the outcome. I recently made a huge life choice. I could have stayed where I was or trekked into the unknown. I let go of hopes and a need to control the outcome of my choices. And what I am finding in this moment I could never have imagined. Letting go allows me to create from curiosity and encourages me to take the first steps into the unknown without staying stuck in past wounds and stories.

There is no real need for irrational fears, feelings of lack, doubts, judgement or a need to control when you master the art of letting go. You are enough.

Do you know what you are attached to and why you are attached? What does being comfortable and in control really mean to you?

You are a powerful creator and so much rests on whether you choose to live in awareness or stay stuck in someone else’s story of how your life should be. Can you let go of needing to control outcomes?

Buckminster Fuller reminds us: “The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it’s a different kind of life.”

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