It's Time for Each of Us to Leap Into Uncertainty

Madness is the result not of uncertainty but of certainty. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Organizations, families, countries and communities that thrive have a mindset that unites people in collective purpose, awareness, understanding and co-creation. They may compete but in a healthy way in which they understand that we are all here to learn from ourselves and each other. Values they practice are being impeccable with their words and actions.

Is there a best practice or manual with worksheets that you can follow? Not really. It all goes back to what Socrates shared with us, in Know Thyself .

People who invest their time in self-awareness are making more conscious choices for themselves and those around them. Organizations that are deep in understanding are creating value for themselves and with those around them. Walls are coming down so the connections can be real and authentic, and actual work can get done that has meaning and purpose.

That drive to being important and successful is changing and it is happening quietly with people who are ready to truly look reality in the eye. People are starting to gather in new and ancient ways to have deep, meaningful dialogue that flows with laughter and ease. It’s not all serious. There is a sense of curiosity that is emerging around what we can do together.

The sharing economy, for example, is very ancient. All we have done is added technological platforms. And yet, most of the sharing economy companies are still commoditizing the worker. The business model has not changed at all. And for non-Western parts of the world, sharing is a way of life. It has always been. We just forgot how to truly share in the West.

When I arrived back from my trip, I flew into a city that does not allow ride sharing. It was 11 pm and one of the longest taxi lines I have seen. Everyone was complaining as the line grew. The two people in front of me started talking about how horrible it was they had to stand in line. The young woman said, I am not familiar with this world. I don’t have cash. How do I pay? What do I do? They continued to complain about their predicament of being forced to take cabs. Standing there with them, after a long journey, I reflected on how fragmented we have become.I too prefer ride sharing only because I find it to be a much more humane experience where the driver 98% of the time makes it a great experience, a co-creation rather than a ride to a destination. But I waited for my turn knowing that this is just the way things work in this city and complaining to each other won’t change a thing.

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Organizations that build relationships with the people who see value in what they provide will bring in new ways to make change happen. Unlikely partnerships and co-creation are ingredients conscious 21st century leaders understand.

We have this amazing playground to experiment and learn in every single day. We can see problems every where we go, and get frustrated, anxious and stressed or we can look beyond them to find the beautiful opportunities that are waiting to be harvested by those ready to take a leap into uncertainty because you know thysef.

What are you co-creating? Why?
Who are you co-creating with? Why?
Who are your most unlikely partners? How can they help you change your game?