Is it Time to Step into Your Power?

When you live in nature, you learn that change is natural and requires an ability to be in flow. It is not always dramatic or scary. It’s simply real as can be to experience the seasons change, the flowers bloom and die, and the vegetables in your garden appear and disappear. , 

So why is it that rewiring ourselves is such a challenging act for so many of us right now? If we learned anything in 2020 it is that no one knows much of anything, and so, it’s time to step into our power and write healthy stories for ourselves and each other. 

We can stay stuck in the dying world and feel guilty that we’re not doing enough or not impacting enough through old metrics and stories of how we should be or we can step into the path that’s waiting for us to see it. 

Can we change the game we were taught?

Since we were kids, we were taught to differentiate between “right” and “wrong” and “good” and “bad.” But what if these divisions no longer serve the vast majority of us? What if it’s time to understand what’s healthy and toxic for each of us? What if we realized that no one knows us well enough as ourselves. Ingesting toxic chemicals is unhealthy for many of us and yet our food supply has been injected with foods that have caused us cancer and other diseases. 

What if we each decided that we no longer want to compete with anyone else to be recognized as the “best” and simply wanted to be the best we can be on our own terms? How much stress would we remove from ourselves now? What if our focus was on finding our balance instead of living in the never ending divisive arguments and need to be right? History will repeat itself until we break this pattern. Our opportunity is to remember how to question, listen and have open dialogue with ourselves and each other 

Everything we do has a ripple effect.

We all have issues within each of us that we are here to work through. What nourishes and supports you? You have the opportunity to create, receive and share your gifts with whoever you choose to. 

As history reveals itself, stories of our past brought us here and keep many of us stuck in old cycles. What keeps you connected to the past? When you take inventory of what ties you to your past, you can see what blocks your future from emerging. And where you are not in flow and out of balance.

Birthing new healthy experiences in your life requires acceptance of who you are and how you’re emerging. So what do you want to abolish that is toxic in your life? And when you can make space for what’s emerging, what do you want to create?

The realm of construction.

As you create, a magnet draws those who are best served by your creation as you bring to life what is deep within you. The whole of you knows that anything is possible moving forward. To do so, you must release the standards you were taught to attain to be successful. The true challenge is in the letting go fo what no longer serves your healthy life. 

When the path is difficult and you keep pushing against something that doesn’t want to budge, you can’t see the that requires you to flow rather than achieve. This path is not in the mainstream telling you more is better. The path is one that asks you to trust in the unknown by:

  • finding your balance,
  • pausing and getting in touch with your flow,
  • shedding your armor,
  • being in service to a deep sense of purpose and knowing, and
  • taking small, deliberate steps. Tripping, falling, getting up and trusting the currents.

It’s rarely a war or a struggle to be healthy as there are no divisive lines to conquer. You no longer need to fight for your life and be whatever is expected of you. It’s about remembering you are a beautiful part of nature that also experiencing excitement, joy and play. 

What if you shifted your energy from needing validation and feeling less than to what you can create for yourself, your community and our planet? What does living a healthy life look like to you? 

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