Is 2023 Headed Towards a Calmer Environment?

2023 can’t be more volatile than the last few years with tumultuous economic, social, political, pandemic and other changes. For example, interest rates and inflation were basically stable for a decade and now seem volatile every month. Even stable factors like birth and death rates have shown significant change since the Pandemic but are returning to normal levels. 

There are also other factors suggesting a calmer environment. There are no elections in the near future, Congress is established for two years with no clear mandate, the response to the Pandemic Seems to be becoming institutionalized and the ease of technology is moderating. A.I. and electric cars which seem to be the most significant potential changes are proceeding at relatively modest and manageable rates.

There are a few potentially explosive changes that may disrupt the calm. Political change around the world, climate change, crime, and hate all have threatening potential impacts. Unfortunately, the most explosive forces for change in places like Russia, Iran, and North Korea are more disruptive than peaceful. For example, poverty and starvation in places like Africa seem more ignored than focused. 

Hate is a general topic seems more prominent in causing disruption. On one hand there are more hate crimes, physical crimes and general partisan behavior.

On the other there seems to be less tolerance for sexual, religious, racial and other behavior. I argue enabling may be one of the greatest inhibitors of progress. Why can’t we just condemn certain behavior like crime, rape, hunger, and war rather than condone certain behavior by ignoring it.

There is growing attention to focusing and managing elements of change to reduce volatility. Managing financial conditions and health are the two most prominent. Leisure, relaxing, communication, can facilitate the management of change. I argue just considering, being more kind and more giving would facilitate relieving the stress in our society. For example, the pandemic has clearly reduced social interaction and we could improve relations with friends, relatives and colleagues. In particular. work at home clearly has consequences and we need to manage them rather than ignore. For example, even dog happiness can be a significant loss in people going back to work. 

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