Inflation Rose 7% in The Past Year, the Highest in 40 Years!

Written by: Ashley Perlmutter

Have you been feeling the impacts of inflation? I’m sure you have. The Labor Department reported on Wednesday that inflation rose 7% over the past year, the highest in 40 years! And on a monthly basis, they reported that CPI rose 0.5%. “The annual move was the fastest increase since June 1982 and comes amid a shortage of goods and workers and on the heels of unprecedented cash flowing through the U.S. economy from Congress and the Federal Reserve,” according to CNBC. Not only will this data continue to affect the prices of things we buy and purchase everyday, but it will also have a dramatic impact on interest rates and as we talked about last week, the 10-year treasury as well.

These inflation numbers are quite notable as they will affect aspects of life and personal finance dramatically, in contrast to the declining rate environment we have been in the past few years. Make sure you are understanding the impacts of the Federal Reserve increases and rising rates on your life and portfolio.

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