How Your Health Affects Your Job Performance

Written by: James Ponds

Everyone needs money to live, and that means that everyone needs to hold down a job in order to get by. However, it can be easy to settle into a routine, and that can prevent you from excelling at work. This can cause some to stagnate in the workplace, preventing them from getting ahead. Here are some tips that can help you boost your performance at work.


Modern people aren’t the healthiest bunch, and that’s because modern life doesn’t often demand fitness, and a full schedule makes quick and convenient dietary options a must. However, you still need to be a healthy person to be a productive person. Therefore, you need to take it upon yourself to manage your physical fitness and your health. First and foremost, eliminating fast food and other processed food items from your diet is a must, as these items tend to be made for convenience over nutrition. Processed foods often use filler ingredients that serve as empty calories while also using sugar to boost flavor, meaning that they do not provide a substantial nutritional component while also contributing to weight gain. Instead, cooking your own meals is advised, because it gives you more control over the foods you eat. Likewise, dietary supplements can give you the opposite effect of standard processed foods by giving more of what your body needs without accepting what typically comes with it. Check out Bio X4 reviews and you’ll get a sense of what a supplement like this can offer.


In addition to your diet, your level of physical fitness plays a major role in your performance at work. While your job probably doesn’t demand much from your body, the way your body feels plays a major role. Your body wants to move, and you get a rush of endorphins from exercise, without which your mood suffers. Likewise, failing to get an adequate amount of exercise can lead to the deterioration of muscles, otherwise known as atrophy, and it can cause aches and pains. Counterintuitively, a lack of exercise can also cause fatigue, and sitting for hours on ends is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Finding the time to exercise regularly isn’t as hard as you think, however. The 7 minute workout has gained popularity in part because of its ability to fit into a tight schedule, and it’s also a good workout for the average person because it’s balanced for a basic level of fitness.

Mental Health

Your mental health also has a profound impact on your productivity. While mental health isn’t always taken seriously, mental illness is very real and debilitating. Many workplaces are simply not conducive to good mental health, although this is gradually changing in light of recent developments. In the meantime, you need to manage your own mental health in order to stay afloat. One great way to do this is to take up a hobby. Hobbies that require critical thinking and skill are a great way to give your mind some much needed exercise, and fun is an important part of the human experience. Creative hobbies like playing music or painting are particularly helpful in this regard, because they allow you to create new things, which can serve the therapeutic purpose of self expression. Most importantly, any leisurely activity that can help you unwind after work or on the weekends is a major boon to your mental health, as long as it’s not dangerous or addictive. Having a drink or two in your free time is a great way to unwind, but drinking heavily is ill advised as a form of self medication, because it only makes the situation worse.

Working that 9 to 5 can be a real slog at times, but it’s not just because you don’t like your job. It turns out that a variety of surprising factors come into play to determine your ability to focus and perform, and these tips can help you improve your performance by improving your health.

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