How To Monitor Your Employees Productivity

Employee productivity is important for the success of a company. Without productivity, there is nothing, because there is no point in doing business or paying workers if work is not properly being done. Here are some ways that you can keep an eye on employee productivity.

Keep An Eye On The Workplace

Keep an eye on what is happening in the workplace where your employees are. This can clue you in to their levels of productivity for a number of reasons. One reason is because of the fact that the behavior of your employees may be a direct indicator of the direction in which things are going. If your employees appear to not be doing enough work or are misbehaving, this may be a clear sign that things are going downhill. There may be a situation going on where one employee is conning another employee into doing his or work. You can keep an eye on the workplace by investing in security cameras. You can also occasionally pop in to see what people are doing.

Look At Their Results

The best way to measure productivity is to look at the results over a period of time. In a given period of time, were certain tasks completed? If certain tasks that were supposed to be completed in a certain amount of time were not completed, you may be looking at a situation of low employee productivity. On the other hand, were certain tasks, and perhaps more, completed? If so, you may be looking at a situation of high productivity.

Communicate With Employees

Communicating with employees is one of the best ways that you can track productivity. Talk to them about how much work they have done and their experiences. If an employee has sub par productivity levels, talk to that employee to see if there are any issues that are affecting productivity. The employee may be less productive as a result of factors that are beyond his or her control. If this is the case, you must get to the bottom of things so that you don't wrongfully fire or penalize employees who don't deserve it.

There are a number of communication methods that you can use. For example, you can meet up, one-on-one, with your employees to talk about productivity and any issues that they may have experienced. You can also hold group meetings where people can talk to each other and bounce off ideas. You can talk to people face-to-face, through text messages, through video chat, online forums and through other means.


Depending on the type of work that your company does, you may be able to measure the productivity of employees via software. Certain pieces of software can show productivity results, which you can look at from the comforts of your desk.

Visually Look At What Has Been Done

One way to measure productivity is to look at the results that have come from the work of your employees. Again, whether or not you can do this depends on the type of work that your employees do. Some types of work are easier to observe than others. For example, if something is visual, like a mural, is being created, you can observe productivity right off the bat.

In conclusion, these are the ways that you can keep an eye on employee productivity. You can use software to keep track of what people are doing, directly communicate with your employees through a variety of methods, use your senses to observe what has been done, keep track of results and observe what is going on in the workplace.

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