How To Get People To Comment On Your Social Media Posts

Are you lagging behind on social media comments?

Do you want to boost your social media engagement and get more followers? Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell gives insight. The best way to build followers on your company or personal Facebook and LinkedIn pages is to get more comments on your post which will in turn boost engagement. But how do you get people to comment on your post? I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I have a quick and easy tip for you that is guaranteed to get you more comments. So here's what you do. Whenever you've created a really great blog post that's a whole guide to something or even if you have an ebook or guide or checklist that you offer as a piece of content, instead of just linking to it directly when you post about it online on LinkedIn or  Facebook, here's what you want to try instead. So you take an image that hopefully is really a compelling image like a graph or a bar chart or infographic. And then you have your statement about what your guide or your checklist will help this person do right. So it could be something like, "Are you struggling to figure out the best approach for creating a 401k plan for your employees? We have a great guide for you on exactly what you want to do." Right, that could be your commentary. And then you have a graph that maybe shows the number of small businesses that do not have a 401k plan that gets at least 70% of their employees contributing. And then below that, you say comment below if you want our guide. So you don't just link to your post, and this could be something as simple as a blog post. People aren't going to your blog all the time. So even if you have it right there on your blog for anyone to get for free, if you make them comment below your post saying yes, send me the guide, you are going to get some more visibility on that post which is going to keep it boosted in the algorithm, which is going to get more people to see it in turn. And every single person who comments on it, all of their connections will see that they commented on it and then they have a better chance of also seeing your post right? So it's a really really easy strategy to get a ton more comments and boost engagement on your posts. For even more tips, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'll see you next week. Related: Should Financial Advisors Use Paid Google Ads?